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1000 words in Spanish

The Usborne Big Book of Spanish Words, or as my daughter calls it “El libro de las palabras” is a really entertaining book with beautiful illustrations, one for each of the thousand words that it contains.

What we liked about this book is that it can be read in many different ways. In fact, you are forced to come up with alternative ways of using the book when your child asks you to read this, and only this very book every single night.

That is the thing with books, right? If your kid likes one, you are in for a trip to discover the most hidden secrets of that particular book. So, you better choose one with layers, and little surprises for you to find while fighting the boredom that comes to us adults that do not love repetitiveness as much as our children.

Well, this is what we did. First, we started with the basics, just reading out each word to our then two and a bit year old daughter, soon the game developed into a test game to see how many words she could remember. Kids love to have their abilities tested in fun ways when they are learning, so they can show you with pride that they know all those things by themselves.

Later on, once she had mastered the basics, we started using the book in more creative ways, for example playing Can you find….?, or making up stories from each section. (For example, at the Zoo the monkey had stolen the keys from the gate keeper because he wanted to free all animals from their cages).

Finally a few months forward she is “reading” the book on her own, and she reads it out loud for us, explaining all the different things going on in it. She hasn’t got over it yet, I hope she will, eventually. But in the meantime, I guess we just have to squeeze our imagination a bit more to see what else we can create with the Big book of Spanish Words.

Book details:

Title of the book: The Usborne Big Book of Spanish Words - Board book (English and Spanish edition)

By: Mairi Mckinnon

Ed: Usborne

Available in Melbourne from: Readings Kids in Carlton, Victoria.

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